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Austin, TX 78704


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Shipping Info

When can I expect my package?

We ship all orders on Mondays & Tuesdays to ensure your chocolates won’t be spending the weekend in a stuffy warehouse. Orders made after 3 PM EST on Tuesday may not be shipped until the following Monday. Your order could arrive as soon as Tuesday and as late as Friday. We’ll send you a tracking number the second we pack and ship your order!

But I need it there now!

Please include your contact information in the comments box and we’ll contact you directly to arrange faster shipping.

Is your order a gift?

Fill out the form on the checkout screen and we’ll hand-write your message. Also, we'll make sure a receipt doesn’t get put in!

Its so hot outside! Isn’t it going to melt?

If its 80° F here, in Texas, or 80° F there, where we’re sending those fantastic chocolates, we’re going to weatherize your shipment. We’ll use some space-age insulation (no styrofoam!) and insert an ice pack. This automatically adds $3 (per box) to the cost of your order. That’s just the name of the game. We don’t want our chocolates to melt in transit, and neither do you!